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        • What are the four main industrial production methods of sodi

          There are four main industrial production methods of sodium sulfide, namely, coal reduction method of mirabilite, gas reduction method, and barium sulfate by-product of sodium sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide method, the second method due to the complex prod

        • Sodium sulfide is used in the treatment of mercury-containin

          Mercury - containing wastewater mainly comes from non - ferrous metal smelters, chemical plants and so on. Mercury is very toxic, which is harmful to environment and human health. Therefore, the treatment of mercury - containing wastewater

        • What are the main USES of sodium sulfide?

          Nowadays, due to the rapid industrialization of domestic cities, many industries are gradually emerging. With the development of many industries, the raw materials and downstream products used by these industries are also promoted, such as

        • Popularization of knowledge: sodium sulfide plays three impo

          Sodium sulfide (Na2S) is a commonly used agent in the flotation of sulfide ores. Its functions are mainly as follows: 1. Sodium sulfide is the inhibitor of most sulfide minerals When used in large quantities, it inhibits most sulfide minera

        • Introduction to sodium sulfide

          Sodium sulfide is also known as smelly alkali, smelly soda, flavine, sulfide alkali. Sodium sulfide is an inorganic compound and pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. Strong moisture absorption, soluble in water. The aqueou

        • Notes for dimethyl disulfide

          USES: as solvent and pesticide intermediates, also is the main raw material of methyl sulfonyl chloride and methyl sulfonic acid products, as well as catalyst vulcanization, passivation agent Storage and transportation conditions: first cla

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