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        Sodium sulfide.

        Also known as smelly alkali, smelly soda, yellow alkali, sulfide base. Sodium sulfide is an inorganic compound and pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. Strong moisture absorption, soluble in water. The aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. Burns on skin and hair. So sodium sulfide commonly known as alkali sulfate. Sodium sulfide aqueous solution in the air will slowly oxidize into sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium sulfate and sodium polysulfide. The main product of oxidation is sodium thiosulfate because of the rapid formation of sodium thiosulfate. Sodium sulfide is deliquified in the air, and is carbonated and metamorphosed, constantly releasing hydrogen sulfide gas. Industrial sodium sulfide because it contains impurities its color is pink, brown red, yellow. Specific gravity, melting point, boiling point, also due to the impact of impurities.

        Chinese name: sodium sulfide

        English name :SODIUM SULFIDE

        Other name: anhydrous sodium sulfide, xanthine

        Chemical formula: Na2S

        Molecular weight: 78.04

        Physical properties: the pure product is colorless or purplish prismatic crystal at room temperature, and the industrial product is usually pink, brown-red and khakish-yellow due to the impurity. Stink. Soluble in cold water, easily soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Industrial products are generally mixed with different forms of crystal water and contain different degrees of impurities. In addition to different appearance and color, density and boiling point are also different due to the influence of impurities.

        Chemical properties: hydrogen sulfide occurs when decomposed in an acid. In the air deliquescent, at the same time produces oxidation action gradually, meet acid to produce hydrogen sulfide.

        By impact, high heat can explode. Meets the acid to give the poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas, the anhydrous alkali sulfide has the flammability, the heating discharges the poisonous sulfur oxide smog.

        Health hazard: this product can decompose hydrogen sulfide in the gastrointestinal tract, can cause hydrogen sulfide poisoning after oral administration. Corrosive to skin and eyes.

        Hazard characteristics: explosion by impact or rapid heating. Decomposition of acid, the release of highly toxic flammable gases.

        Combustion (decomposition) products: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide.

        Acute toxicity: LD50820mg/kg (mouse transoral); 950mg/kg (intravenous injection in mice).

        Related chemical reaction equation: 2Na+S=Na2S


        1, the dye industry for the production of sulfur dyes, is the raw material of sulfide blue and sulfide blue. Printing and dyeing industry used as a dye aid to dissolve sulfide dyes. In leather industry, it is used for hydrolysis to depilate raw leather, and also used for preparation of sodium polysulfide to speed up the soaking of dry leather. Paper industry is used as cooking agent for paper. Textile industry for artificial fiber denitrification and nitrification reduction, as well as cotton fabric dyeing mordant. Pharmaceutical industry for the production of phenacetin and other antipyretic drugs. In addition, it is also used to make sodium thiosulfate, sodium thiohydride, sodium polysulfide and so on

        2. Adding appropriate amount of sodium sulfide to the alkaline etching solution of aluminum and alloy can significantly improve the etching surface quality, and it can also be used for the removal of alkali soluble heavy metal impurities such as zinc in the alkaline etching solution.

        3, sodium sulfide can also be used for direct electroplating in the conductive layer, through the reaction of sodium sulfide and palladium colloid palladium sulfide to form a good conductive layer on the non-metallic surface.

        4. Used as buffer. It is also the raw material of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sulfide dyes.

        5, for the manufacture of sulfur dyes, leather depilant, metal smelting, photography, artificial silk denitration, etc

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