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        2019-04-23 文章來源:未知 閱讀


        [product name] : dimethyl disulfide

        【 molecular formula 】 : C2H6S2

        [molecular weight] : 94.2

        Technical requirements:

        Sulfur content Analysis ItemsStandard look crystal clear liquid 99.5% min purity 68.1% water content 0.1% methyl mercaptan content 0.05% flash point 16 ° C (20/4 ° C) melting point 1.062 to 84.72 ° C solubility Slightly soluble in water, soluable in light alcohols, Mr.

        [USES] : used as solvent and pesticide intermediates, widely used in petroleum refining industry for hydrodesulfurization of naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and atmospheric heavy oil, as well as activator for hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalyst presulfurization process. In the case of pesticides, it is used to produce betathion.

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