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        What are the four main industrial production methods of sodi

        2019-04-23 Article Source:未知 read

        There are four main industrial production methods of sodium sulfide, namely, coal reduction method of mirabilite, gas reduction method, and barium sulfate by-product of sodium sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide method, the second method due to the complex production process, high production costs, the use of restrictions. Coal powder reduction mirabilite method, process equipment is simple, easy to operate and control, the original and auxiliary material requirements are low, low production costs, so far is still adopted by most countries, in China, the output of the method accounted for about 95 percent of the total output.

        Based on the mature production equipment of reducing glauber's salt with pulverized coal in China, this paper studies and improves the traditional production technology by combining the advantages of domestic enterprises and using plate evaporator for concentrated evaporation.

        Calcining reduction is the main process of alkali sulfide production. At present, calcining equipment mainly includes reflector furnace, short converter and long converter. Because of its low conversion rate, low thermal efficiency, high labor intensity and the trend of being eliminated. Continuous alignment, long converter.

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