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        Sodium sulfide is used in the treatment of mercury-containin

        2019-04-23 Article Source:未知 read

        Mercury - containing wastewater mainly comes from non - ferrous metal smelters, chemical plants and so on. Mercury is very toxic, which is harmful to environment and human health. Therefore, the treatment of mercury - containing wastewater has attracted great attention.

        At present, the mercury in sodium sulfide precipitation wastewater can be applied to the treatment of mercury-containing wastewater in enterprises. The process is simple, the equipment investment is low, and the operation method is simple.

        Under the condition of weak alkalinity, sulfide reacts with mercury ions in wastewater to generate mercury sulfide precipitation that is difficult to dissolve in water. It dissolves quickly in wastewater, resulting in small solubility product, stable chemical properties, and is not easy to cause secondary pollution, which is beneficial to disposal.

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