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        What are the main USES of sodium sulfide?

        2019-04-23 Article Source:未知 read

        Nowadays, due to the rapid industrialization of domestic cities, many industries are gradually emerging. With the development of many industries, the raw materials and downstream products used by these industries are also promoted, such as sodium sulfide industry.

        At present, the upstream industry chain of sodium sulfide is more, so the application of sodium sulfide is also quite extensive, and because of the production technology of sodium sulfide industry is also in constant innovation, now the extracted sodium sulfide products are more and more pure, so that sodium sulfide products are not only used for industrial applications, but also for other industries.

        Sodium sulfide is an inorganic salt product and an important industrial chemical raw material. Now, sodium sulfide as raw material is widely used in a variety of corrosion inhibitors and sulfide dye production, in addition, also used in papermaking, textile, mineral processing, surface treatment and other industries. Among them, it is mostly used in leather industry, mainly because of the significant effect and economic benefit of sodium sulfide on the dehairing and tannin of leather products. And many factories in the use of other chemical additives compared with sodium sulfide, sodium sulfide reaction is better than other chemical additives treatment effect, and low price, so the comprehensive treatment cost is lower, this is the reason why sodium sulfide favored by many industries.

        Now, with many holds a place among the industrial sodium sulfide, sodium sulfide in the market has been rising, and sometimes also can cause the market demand in short supply, as a result, now domestic sodium sulfide production base has also been gradually big, but with the increasingly strict environmental requirements, product quantity is restricted, sodium sulfide industry now, so, sodium sulfide industry for the new production technology research is to reduce and reduce the pollution of the environment development, has important practical significance for environmental protection.

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