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        2019-07-05 文章來源:未知 閱讀
        Product introduction

        Achromatous crystals. Easy deliquescence. Hydrogen sulfide is liberated at the melting point. Soluble in water and alcohol. Aqueous solutions are strongly alkaline. React with acid to form hydrogen sulfide. Bitter taste. Dye industrial preparation of sulphur dyes used for synthesis of organic intermediates and additives, used for hair removal and tanning rawhide leather industry, fertilizer industry is used to remove the activated carbon desulfurization agent of monomer sulfur and mining industry for a lot of copper processing, in the production of synthetic fibers used for sulfurous acid dyeing, etc., is a manufacturer of ammonium sulfide and pesticide ethanethiol semi-finished materials, also used for waste water treatment, etc. Obtained from the absorption of hydrogen sulfide gas by a solution of sulfide or caustic soda。
        The dye industry is used for synthesizing organic intermediates and for preparing sulphide dyes. Leather industry for raw leather depilation and tanning, but also for wastewater treatment. The chemical fertilizer industry is used to remove the monomer sulfur from the activated carbon desulfurizer. It is the raw material for manufacturing semi-finished products of ammonium sulfide and ethyl mercaptan. The mining industry is heavily used in copper ore processing. In the production of artificial fiber, it is used for sulfurous acid dyeing。

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